Other combatants

The Alliance Infiltration Unit is modeled on the Cerberus synthetic Eva that Commander Shepard's team discovered on Mars. Quantum blue-box AIs are considered illegal by the Council, but the Alliance has secured a special allowance to deploy the infiltration unit in this time of need. Alliance Infiltration Units favor shotguns and are designed for close-quarters combat. They are durable and able to self-repair when downed.


Alliance Infiltration Unit

A result of the Illusive Man's early experiments in enhanced human physiology, Project Phoenix subjects are highly skilled combat and biotic specialists. When the Illusive Man turned to indoctrination in order to ensure the loyalty of his troops, many Phoenix operatives defected and joined the Alliance in order to stop the Reapers. Phoenix operatives are highly skilled combat and biotic specialists. Their ability to manipulate Cerberus lash and stasis technology, backed up by their powerful skills, make them invaluable assets on the battlefield.


Phoenix Adept

Talon Mercenaries bring a shady reputation to the battlefield. These hard-bitten warriors typically take jobs from crooked organizations, but today find employment with the Alliance, who are desperate for skilled fighters in the war against the Reapers. Some find this troubling, but times are troubled. Talon Mercenaries are feared for their deadly accuracy with the omni-bow, making their presence in the Alliance a necessary evil in the fight against the Reapers.

When the Reaper-killer known as Leviathan fought the Collectors, it severed their connection to Harbinger with a thrall device. Most Collector forces died as a result, but a few survived. Now, these rare individuals fight for the memory of their people, a proud race broken by the Reapers. Protheans appointed avatars to embody and model a single virtue for their society. The Awakened Collectors' virtue is vengeance.

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